Is this excursion for me?

These excursions are for healthcare professionals (doctors, physicians, travel medicine practitioners, GPs, public health experts, nurses, healthcare assistants, laboratory scientists, pharmacists and paramedics) of all levels, even with no or limited prior experience in the practice of tropical medicine and travelers‘ health.

It will also serve the learning needs of individuals who wish to advance their knowledge of tropical infectious diseases in endemic countries and in assessing the returned traveller from the tropics.

Participants receive didactic and bedside clinical instructions in a wide variety of endemic infectious diseases, and they gain a deep understanding of healthcare systems in Africa and African people’s health beliefs and practices. Clinicians who currently practise in the tropics or who wish to do so will benefit greatly from these TROPMEDEX excursions as well.

What do other people say about the excursion:

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“I travelled with Dr. Kay Schaefer to Ghana 2014, Uganda 2010 and Tanzania 2009. I can heartily endorse this educational experience for anyone desiring in depth, practical exposure to the diseases affecting millions in the region. His lectures are up-to-date and well organized, and a CD record of all is provided. Visits to patients, hospitals, laboratories and select geographical regions improve understanding of the disease milieu. The excursions are well-organized with particular attention to safety and comfort, and the interaction with the other international participants further enhances the learning opportunity.“

Arthur Dover (MD, DTM&H), Watsonville, California, USA <a href=""></a>

Former member of staff at the, Center of Disease Control (CDC), Atlanta, Georgia

“My trips to Uganda 2014 and Kenya 2011 with Kay Schaefer were one of the best trips I have done, both from a medical education viewpoint and also because it was such a good way to see the countries and get off the usual tourist track. It was an unforgettable experience. Anyone with an interest in tropical medicine and travelers’ health should consider a TROPMEDEX excursion. I can’t wait for my next one!”

Sarah Borwein (MD), Hongkong <a href=""></a>

Past President , Asia Pacific Travel Health Society

“Dr. Kay Schaefer’s guided tropical medicine excursion to Ghana 2015 provided a valuable insight, not only into tropical diseases themselves, but also into the complex ecologic, socioeconomic and cultural context in which these diseases arise. Dr. Schaefer’s unique appreciation of African life, coupled with the many local clinicians with whom he has partnered, combined to create a memorable personal and learning experience which will serve travel health experts very well in their clinical practice. The excursion afforded a privileged glimpse into the everyday life of this fascinating continent. I recommend this TROPMEDEX course for all healthcare professionals who care for travellers, including migrants arriving from tropical regions.

Gerard Flaherty (MD), Galway, Ireland, <a href=""></a>

Past President , Travel Medicine Society of Ireland

“ I am an ID specialist based in Vancouver. In Uganda 2012 I saw for the first time patients with African trypanosomiasis. And in Ghana 2014 I was able to examine patients with Buruli Ulcer. If you want hands-on experience in tropical medicine join TROPMEDEX.”

Yazdan Mirzanejad (MD, FRCPC), Vancouver, Canada <a href=""></a>

Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba


“ I am a Nurse Practitioner in primary care in Washington, DC, USA, who attended the TROPMEDEX course in Tanzania 2011. Dr. Schaefer has created an incredible program that brings you to the bedside and/or out in the bush to see first hand tropical diseases and how to recognize, diagnose and treat them. At the same time you are being immersed in African culture, the tribes, land, resources and beauty. If you want to see Africa and learn about tropical medicine this is THE program you need.”

Erin Bagshaw (NP), Washington DC, USA <a href=""></a>

“Whoever wants to work in Africa should travel with Kay Schaefer first. I got to know the medical infrastructure in Uganda 2014 and made a lot of contacts to hospitals, universities and non governmental organizations (NGO’s).”

Kentaro Tochitani (MD), Chiba, Japan <a href=""></a>

“The medical excursion to Tanzania 2010 with TROPMEDEX was challenging, rewarding, interesting, eye-opening and educational. Each day we were challenged with diseases read in text books of Tropical medicine and met people dedicated to caring for patients with these infections. The excursion was expertly run, well taught as well as being enjoyable and I am grateful to Kay for showing me Africa.”

Denise Barnfather (Public Health), Auckland, New Zealand <a href=""></a>

“Throughout the Ghana 2014 course, the dedication of the local medical professionals was strikingly apparent. Often working with limited resources, highly knowledgeable, broadly skilled, inspirational doctors provided insight into the Ghanaian healthcare system. Through hospital ward-rounds, field excursions and interactions with international colleagues, valuable lessions in clinical tropcial medicine were imparted, in the setting of this vibrant African country.“

Lisa Chapman (MD), Brisbane, Australia <a href=" "> </a>

“Having returned from Dr. Kay Schaefer’s Tanzania 2009 TROPMEDEX course, I am already plotting my return to Africa to experience another of his TROPMEDEX courses, either in Uganda or Ghana. Whether experiencing rarely seen manifestations of tropical infectious diseases during hospital ward rounds and clinics or hunting down the source of diseases such as schistosomiasis in small ponds, we were always learning while having an unforgettable “Out of Africa” experience. Dr. Schaefer vitalizes his courses with a unique combination of his knowledge of tropical diseases and travel medicine, a deep knowledge and understanding of Africa, impressive fluency in Kiswahili, and an inherently adventurous spirit. If you are considering a TROPMEDEX course, my only advice is, don’t just think about it, do it …

Ann van de Velde (MD), Antwerp, Belgium <a href=" "> </a>

Head of Hematology, University hospital

More than 500 participants from all over the world have joined TROPMEDEX between 1995 and 2016.

Here is a list of former participants (selection), who are welcome to brief you on their experience: