What do participants say about the excursions:


“My trip to Uganda 2014 was one of the best educational trips I have done. Anyone with an interest in tropical medicine and travelers’ health should consider a TROPMEDEX excursion. I have been with TROPMEDEX to Kenya and Tanzania as well. Phantastic experience!!!  I can’t wait for Ghana.”

Sarah Borwein (MD), Hongkong, sarah.borwein@gmail.com

“ I am an ID specialist based in Vancouver. In Uganda 2012 I saw for the first time patients with African trypanosomiasis. And in Ghana 2014 I was able to examine patients with Buruli Ulcer. If you want hands-on experience in tropical medicine join TROPMEDEX.”

Yazdan Mirzanejad (MD, FRCPC), Vancouver, Canada, dr.mirzanejad@shaw.ca

“Whoever wants to work in Africa should travel with Kay Schaefer first. I got to know the medical infrastructure in Uganda 2014 and made a lot of contacts to hospitals, universities and non governmental organizations (NGO’s).”

Kentaro Tochitani (MD), Chiba, Japan, tochiken@me.com


“Phantastic experience with TROPMEDEX in West Africa. I have learnt so much for my practice in Australia.“

Blog: TROPMEDEX Ghana 2014

Lisa Chapman (MD), Brisbane, Australia, drlisachapman@bigpond.com

“Dr. Kay Schaefer’s excursion to Ghana provided a valuable insight, not only into tropical diseases themselves, but also into the complex ecologic, socioeconomic and cultural context in which these diseases arise.“

Publication: Tropical Medicine Course Report, Travel Medicine Society of Ireland, Newsletter, 2015, Vol. 15, Issue 3, Page 5-7.

Gerard Flaherty (MD), Galway, Ireland, gerard.flaherty@nuigalway.ie

“Through hospital ward-rounds, field excursions and interactions with international colleagues, valuable lessions in clinical tropical medicine were imparted, in the setting of this vibrant African country.“

Blog: Ghana 2014 excursion

Jörg Brommer (MD), Munich, Germany, joerg.brommer@freenet.de


“You study tropical diseases in medical school, but you never put a face on these infections until you see patients with them.“

Publication: Report of my experience with a tropical medicine expedition for healthcare professionals in Tanzania 2009. ISTM News Share, October 2009. Page 5–6.

Arthur Dover (MD, DTM&H;), Watsonville, California, USA, arthur.dover@gmail.com

“My TROPMEDEX experience to Uganda 2018 was exceeded during the excursion to Tanzania 2019“

Blog: Tanzania 2019

Dr. Günter Böcking (MD), Nesselwang, Germany, praxis@dr-boecking.de

“The medical excursion to Tanzania 2010 with TROPMEDEX was challenging, rewarding, interesting, eye-opening and educational.”

Publication: A Tropical Medicine Expedition – TROPMEDEX Tanzania 2010, Journal of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, 2011, Vol. 31, Page 38 – 46.

Denise Barnfather (Public Health), Auckland, New Zealand, dbarnfather@xtra.co.nz

“Dr. Schaefer vitalizes his courses with a unique combination of his knowledge of tropical diseases and travel medicine, a deep knowledge and understanding of Africa, impressive fluency in Kiswahili, and an inherently adventurous spirit.“

Blog: Tanzania excursion 2009

Ann van de Velde (MD), Antwerp, Belgium, ann.van.de.velde@uza.be

TROPMEDEX can provide E-Mail contacts of former participants from more than 30 countries.