What do participants say about the excursions:


“My trip to Uganda 2014 was one of the best educational trips I have done. Anyone with an interest in tropical medicine and travelers’ health should consider a TROPMEDEX excursion. I have been with TROPMEDEX to Kenya and Tanzania as well. Phantastic experience!!!  I can’t wait for Ghana.”

Sarah Borwein (MD), Hongkong, sarah.borwein@gmail.com

“ I am an ID specialist based in Vancouver. In Uganda 2012 I saw for the first time patients with African trypanosomiasis. And in Ghana 2014 I was able to examine patients with Buruli Ulcer. If you want hands-on experience in tropical medicine join TROPMEDEX.”

Yazdan Mirzanejad (MD, FRCPC), Vancouver, Canada, dr.mirzanejad@shaw.ca

“Whoever wants to work in Africa should travel with Kay Schaefer first. I got to know the medical infrastructure in Uganda 2014 and made a lot of contacts to hospitals, universities and non governmental organizations (NGO’s).”

Kentaro Tochitani (MD), Chiba, Japan, tochiken@me.com


“Phantastic experience with TROPMEDEX in West Africa. I have learnt so much for my practice in Australia.“

Blog: TROPMEDEX Ghana 2014

Lisa Chapman (MD), Brisbane, Australia, drlisachapman@bigpond.com

“Dr. Kay Schaefer’s excursion to Ghana provided a valuable insight, not only into tropical diseases themselves, but also into the complex ecologic, socioeconomic and cultural context in which these diseases arise.“

Publication: Tropical Medicine Course Report, Travel Medicine Society of Ireland, Newsletter, 2015, Vol. 15, Issue 3, Page 5-7.

Gerard Flaherty (MD), Galway, Ireland, gerard.flaherty@nuigalway.ie

“Through hospital ward-rounds, field excursions and interactions with international colleagues, valuable lessions in clinical tropical medicine were imparted, in the setting of this vibrant African country.“

Blog: Ghana 2014 excursion

Jörg Brommer (MD), Munich, Germany, joerg.brommer@freenet.de


“Simply stated the excursion to Tanzania 2023 was excellent. Dr. Schaefer is very approachable, funny and certainly very knowledgeable. He loves Africa. He pays utmost attention to every detail, his first priority was our safety. We learned, we laughed and we visited a multitude of hospitals and healthcare centers where we had a chance to interact with local physicians and to actually learn more about tropical medicine first hand. I highly recommend TROPMEDEX excursions to physicians and other healthcare workers interested in the field of tropical medicine.“

Prof. Issa Ephtimios, Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease, British Columbia, Canada, issa.ephtimios@interiorhealth.ca

“You study tropical diseases in medical school, but you never put a face on these infections until you see patients with them.“

Publication: Report of my experience with a tropical medicine expedition for healthcare professionals in Tanzania 2009. ISTM News Share, October 2009. Page 5–6.

Arthur Dover (MD, DTM&H;), Watsonville, California, USA, arthur.dover@gmail.com

“My TROPMEDEX experience to Uganda 2018 was exceeded during the excursion to Tanzania 2019“

Blog: Tanzania 2019

Dr. Günter Böcking (MD), Nesselwang, Germany, praxis@dr-boecking.de

“The medical excursion to Tanzania 2010 with TROPMEDEX was challenging, rewarding, interesting, eye-opening and educational.”

Publication: A Tropical Medicine Expedition – TROPMEDEX Tanzania 2010, Journal of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, 2011, Vol. 31, Page 38 – 46.

Denise Barnfather (Public Health), Auckland, New Zealand, dbarnfather@xtra.co.nz

“Dr. Schaefer vitalizes his courses with a unique combination of his knowledge of tropical diseases and travel medicine, a deep knowledge and understanding of Africa, impressive fluency in Kiswahili, and an inherently adventurous spirit.“

Blog: Tanzania excursion 2009

Ann van de Velde (MD), Antwerp, Belgium, ann.van.de.velde@uza.be

TROPMEDEX can provide E-Mail contacts of former participants from more than 30 countries.